Center for Libyan American Strategic Studies

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The Center for Libyan American Strategic Studies (CLASS) is a nonpartisan, nongovernmental, nonprofit organization that aims at constructing a powerful and strategic political, cultural and economic partnerships and alliances between Libya and the United States of America.

CLASS is chaired by Dr. Esam Omeish, a Libyan American medical doctor, political activist, and community leader. Along with other prominent Libyan American leaders who share a passion for ameliorating the economic, political and social conditions in their home country, and their interest in improving American foreign policy towards Libya and, ultimately, the Middle East and North Africa region, are what kindled the launching of CLASS.

By providing a platform for Libyan American exchange with critical analysis, relevant studies and policy recommendations to both Libyan and American decision makers, Dr. Omeish and his colleagues believe that a viable partnership between Libya and the United States can be achieved.


The main objective of the Center for Libyan American Strategic Studies is to enhance strategic ties between Libya and the United States through meaningful information exchange, critical analysis and research and relevant policy recommendations.

CLASS as a research center will provide information, analyses, and policy recommendations to United States and Libyan government officials and policy makers as well as scholars and civil society leaders.

CLASS will stimulate the best talent and expertise of Libyan American academics, researchers and ex PAT's to help Libya's decision-makers and future governments by providing practical solutions and proposals for future development of a prosperous Libya.


To provide a premier center for information exchange and critical study of Libyan- American affairs for policy and opinion makers, scholars, civil society leaders and public audience.


Libyan Americans, through comprehensive strategy of public relations, media and strategic communications, political outreach and lobbying, relevant research, analysis and policy recommendations, and community development, will lay the foundations of a new Libya as a powerful regional international actor and build a strategic alliance with the United States of America based on the mutual national interests, regional alliances and the common shared values and human principles.


Our main office is located in Fairfax, Virginia, which is 20 minutes away from Washington, D.C. - The hub of policy making. We conduct most of our studies from research done in the United States and through cooperating with several Think Tanks, Non-Governmental Organizations, and politicians interested in seeing an economically, politically and socially developed Libya. CLASS also embarks on research based from visits to Libya and relationships with Libyan policy makers and government officials.