Center for Libyan American Strategic Studies

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The Center for Libyan American Strategic Studies is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-partisan organization that is focused on fostering strategic economic, political, and cultural relationships between the United States and Libya. CLASS strongly believes that such relations can bring mutual benefits to both Libya and the Unites States of America. 


The Center for Libyan American Studies will be sending out weekly newsletter highlighting recent events and news on Libya’s domestic and foreign issues, as well as updates on American relations with Libya. Included in these newsletters, the CLASS will release its publications and analyses on recent events occurring in Libya. We encourage anyone who is intersted in Libya and/or American relations with Libya to subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

We would like for our readers to be engaged with the Center for Libyan American Strategic Studies. We welcome all advice, criticism, ideas, thoughts and opinions. Please visit our Contact Us page if you would like to communicate with CLASS. 

We appreciate your support.

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